We are a San Diego based company who's mission is to help people align meaningful work to their company, purpose, and future

Let Us Help You Glow Up

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“Glow up” is all about an incredible transformation. We help organizations glow up their performance management utilizing a strengths-based approach to people development.

Leadership & founding team

Samer Profile

Samer Khouli

CEO of TCW Global
Ideation - Activation - WOO
Includer - Communication


Coming soon

Jered Lish

Co-FounderFuturistic | Maximizer | Strategic
Significance | Winning Others Over

Jered Kid image

So glad the bowl cut is back in trend!

Adelyn Moody, PhD

Co-FounderIdeation | Learner | Individualization
Achiever | Input

Adelyn as a kid picture

Wait, what?!

iAlign.Work Dream Team

Erika Dinh

UX DesignerIndividualization | Relator | Analytical
Positivity  | Arranger


Coming Soon

Travis profile image

Travis Johnson

Senior Product Manager
Activator | Positivity | Strategic
Communication | Individualization

Travis as a kid image

I'm still quite the "tri"cyclist

Hanley Yu

UX/UI InternCommunication
| Developer | Includer | Restorative | Context


Coming soon

Christine Park

UX/UI InternAchiever | Developer | Focus
Positivity | Learner


Coming soon!

Reid Wilson

Product Development & Implementation internAnalytical | Futuristic | Individualization
Restorative | Learner


Coming soon!


Values We Live By

Focus Forward

Focus forward image
Value One

We choose to look forward to the future, maximize on our dreams, and not dwell in the past.

Beautiful Design

Beautiful Design image
Value Two

There is a distinct beauty in the journey every human takes to live out their purpose in work and in life. We’re passionate about capturing those moments for people in a beautiful and unique way.

Honor Every Person

Honor every person image
Value Three

People are placed first at the very center of who we are & what we do. Celebrating purpose driven work is our bread & butter.

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