The Science of People & Work

Transform your performance management process from archaic to the positive future you've been craving.

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how do we do it?

People Scientists are the bridge between data & action

Strengths-Based, Positive Psychology
Vocational Assessment & Data Analytics
Organizational Strategy, Coaching & Career Development
Interpretable Research Insights

Our Background and Expertise

There is a chasm between knowledge and practice in the world of work.

We seek to help well-intentioned people have the biggest possible positive impact on their teams. As applied people scientists, we do that by diving into the nitty gritty details of the research and emerging with opportunities to integrate pieces of insight into your organization. We know that leaders care about doing the best for their people and we are here to provide customized solutions to common, complex challenges in the workplace. Our role is to take the guesswork out of what makes up great performance management. Let us do the homework, share with you what we’ve learned, and provide actionable next steps.

We have over two decade’s worth of combined experience conducting empirical research, translating those results for others (e.g., 12 publications), and thousands of hours of applied work. Our backgrounds are wide-ranging with substantial experience helping facilitate whole organization, group, and individual-level change. We apply robust research methodology to collect data, analyze, and explain human behavior at work in order to ultimately provide the best research-driven insights and recommendations we can.

We love what we do and are eager to serve as thought partners and strategy consultants with organizations like yours.

Use data to create real, meaningful sparks of insight which power growth from a strengths-based foundation

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Naturally Narrative

Stories are powerful and instinctive. Your people want to tell their success stories. iAlign.Work provides a space that encourages teams to share and celebrate their story and dreams. Teams that dream & cheer together, thrive together.


A Pathway to Purpose

iAlign.Work is a culture changing journey that activates optimized performance though growing the whole person. We go beyond performance to connect with purpose, vision, strengths, and skills. We are a system that drives thriving.

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Scientifically Solid

Despite decades of research indicating what does work (and the many pitfalls of what doesn't) for managing people at organizations, most approaches out there aren't consistent in following recommendations. We do. And we are committed to always maintaining the highest level of excellence in our scientific approach.


Meaningfully Made

Most science-based products admittedly leave room for improvement from a design standpoint. This is often because the scientists and the development teams are housed in separate silos. At iAlign, we believe collaboration is key and our people scientists are actively involved in every step of the creation and development process!

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how do we do it?

Turn intentions into practice by investing in meaningful moments for your people. We promise to help you create the profound impact you want by understanding, celebrating, and recognizing the human experiences of work.