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Frequently asked questions

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What is the purpose of a check-in?

Check-ins provide a way for supervisors and coaches to periodically touch-base and send information to a coachee about parts/the process of working towards successfully completing a larger target. They are more formal and often provide documentation on important parts of what made a certain target successful or not.

What is the point of a target’s objectives? How are they different than check-ins or a task list?

An objective list should clearly specify the key ways a supervisor/coach thinks a target should be completed or what they intend for a coachee to take away from working through completing a target. They should not be a task list of simply things to do, but rather explain to the coachee the intent, aim, and purpose behind why a supervisor/coach is assigning this target to this coachee. Once all objectives are met, a coachee can be confident they have completed the whole of a specific target.

Who can be a coach for a target? Why have coaches?

Coaches must be selected by the company admin and can be either key internal personnel or users from outside your company (i.e., “external coaches”) that a supervisor thinks could provide valuable insight and support for a target. Once someone is designated as a coach in for your department/company, they can be added onto any relevant targets by whomever is creating the target. Coaches are a great way to formalize mentor relationships or times when someone really helped you get a target completed successfully! They can also add critical support for certain targets by providing extra help or specific expertise.

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