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Our People Scientists Have Identified 8 Unique Drivers of Purpose At Work

What is MyPurpose?

MyPurpose helps to launch your understanding of what drives you at work. For many people, expressing what motivates them in the workplace is a hard concept to articulate & define. Discover today the unique individual drivers that empower meaningful work for you &/OR your team that helps launch meaning & purpose for you and others in the workplace!

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The MyPurpose Assessment has been designed to help you answer the question… “What gives me the most purpose at work?”

The Nitty Gritty

Understanding Your Results

How to lean into your top drivers

Understanding your primary and secondary drivers of purpose helps you understand what makes you tick, what motivates you, and how to craft work experiences that energize and fulfill you.

A purpose driver is a way in which you find meaning through work. We believe all people have the capacity to experience purpose. How people experience purpose though is different across individuals. No one driver is better or worse than another. They are your unique signature, like fingerprints.

What blind spots are (and aren't)

Understanding your lowest driver of purpose helps you identify possible blind spots you may have in recognizing purpose and motivation in others.

Blind spots drivers ARE:
The less natural ways that you may not typically think about when you think about purpose and meaning.

They are NOT weaknesses and some are not better than others.

The Eight Drivers of Workplace Purpose

Explore ALL EIGHT driver of purpose TYPES to understand WHAT MOTIVATES YOUR team


The Creative Curator


The Career Builder

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The Support Cherisher

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The Community Enhancer

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The Self-Reliant Commander


The Genuine Activist

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The Accountable Loyalist


The Big Picture Enthusiast

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Reflection Activities

Jazzed to get the most out of your results? Try out our activities below for guided reflections on your drivers!

Which sounds most like you?
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